Everyone can appreciate beautiful white teeth.  There is a sense of confidence that goes along with a bright smile.  At Amazing Smiles we offer two different types of whitening methods- in office whitening and a take home kit.  Please note that whitening works on natural teeth and cannot whiten your fillings, crowns or veneers.

The in-office whitening which is a Colgate product, and can take from 1-1 1/2 hours.  Our take home kits are called nite white.  They consist of a custom made tray and whitening gel.  These are generally worn for an hour a day for 2 weeks and the results are very good.  Depending on a patient’s habits, whitening can last for months or even years.  Patients are asked to refrain from food or drinks that may stain their teeth during this process.  These include things such as coffee, tea, red wine and blueberries.

Touch-ups can be performed as needed with the trays and they generally only take 2 days.  Sometimes patients will experience sensitivity to temperature while they are whitening their teeth but this usually subsides when they stop whitening.  Sensitivity toothpastes and fluorides can usually help, should this occur.

If whitening is being considered and you are having other dental work done such as fillings or crowns, please let us know in advance.  It is best to whiten your teeth first so that the shade of the restorations being placed can be matched to your whitened teeth.  Having said this, restorative work should not be put off in favor of whitening and whitening is not recommended if your gums are infected.

Come in and let us take a look to help you determine the best plan of action.

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