At Amazing Smiles, one of the many things we do for your dental health, (and do very well) is endodontic therapy.  This is the medical term for root canal.  This procedure is very common in dentistry; it is the only way to save a tooth with root damage.

At Amazing Smiles we focus on patient comfort.  We understand these procedures and we understand how many patients are anxious and concerned about pain, discomfort, and all the popular thinking that root canals are the hardest part of visiting a dentist.

Here you are in a relaxed place, with friendly, professional staff to help, and give you what you need.  We manage the process to make sure you are comfortable and able to help us shorten your time in the dentist chair and keep your visit relatively painless.

This is a way to save a tooth, and most of the time the tooth is in trouble because of infections that are a result of inadequate regular dental care.

The process involves getting comfortable with some anesthesia, some nitrous gas mixed with air, and locally numbing the tooth and the surrounding gums.  It is quick, with minimum discomfort.  Then the tooth is prepared, we remove the core of the tooth, where there are blood vessels and nerves, and then we remove the nerve tissue, down the center of the tooth’s roots.  This is done with very precise tools, quickly and easily.

After this we fill the areas that have been cleaned of infection with a substance that will last a very long time, and not interact with your body.  This is a thermoplastic polymer that makes the tooth strong and well-connected to the jaw.  Often a crown is then put on the tooth, to increase its lifespan even further.

There is medication to prevent pain, before and after the procedure, and effective anesthesia, so your discomfort is minimized.

Keep the brushing and flossing going every day, with regular visits for teeth cleaning, and you likely can avoid seeing us for a root canal!

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