Implants are primarily to replace missing teeth.   In the recent past a person’s primary choice was to get a “fixed bridge” which involves filing down adjoining teeth and putting caps on both so that the bridge is anchored.

Implants involve using titanium, which is a very strong, inert metal, to anchor an artificial tooth like a root anchors a real tooth.  The strength also comes from the bone growing around the metal, until the implant becomes permanent.

Implants do not have to touch adjoining teeth.  Implants are an important change in treatment, more and more implants are done since it is a simpler approach, preserving your teeth and their natural functions.

You are less likely to feel pain when you are getting an implant than when you are getting a fixed bridge.  At Amazing Smiles we use all the latest pain free tactics to keep your visits comfortable and relaxed.  It does take a little more time than a bridge, since the bone in the jaw must fuse around the implant.  This takes a few weeks, so the treatment includes temporary crowns for your convenience.

The difference between dental implants and mini dental implants is that mini dental implants are just for dentures, sets of false teeth.   They are snap-on fastening devices for the dentures.  Conventional dental implants are for replacing a single tooth, or a few teeth, or for stabilizing a denture in special cases.

We are here to help you achieve a great smile and great dental health.  Just remember, it is best to maintain your teeth with good dental hygiene and habits, much better than having to correct dental problems!

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