At Amazing Smiles we consider tooth extraction as last on the list for promoting good oral health.  For us, a tooth has to be beyond hope of saving with fillings, root canals and/or crowns.  If these normal treatments can somehow be done, they can save a borderline tooth for up to 10 years.  10 years is a definite success –  who knows how long we have to live?  At Amazing Smiles we believe that every tooth serves a purpose in the oral cavity.  We should restore and maintain the integrity of the tooth in every possible case.

A tooth may have to be extracted if it is severely damaged from tooth decay or breakage.  Severe infection may also be a reason for extraction.  Advanced gum disease can damage the structure of the supporting gums and bone and require extraction of a tooth.  Sometimes trauma and fragmentation of a tooth is a reason for extraction, and of course, dentures usually require tooth removal.

Wisdom teeth are a special case.  They come in at a later age, for example, in the teen years or even after 20 years.  Often they come in crooked or incorrectly and have to be removed, for the rest of the teeth to work well.  This is a surgical procedure and if you or your child are having pain or soreness in the back of the mouth, you should visit us and find out what the problem is.  Simple extractions are done with local anesthesia.  Surgical extractions of teeth that are broken below the gum line, or impacted or growing incorrectly require a general anesthetic, sometimes heavy sedation.

If you are considering having a tooth removed, please come in for an examination and x-ray, and talk with us about treatments.  If it turns out to be necessary, we can keep you comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.  Healing times are from one to six weeks.

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