Elderly people benefit the most from dentures.  At Amazing Smiles we do a dental exam, take a few x-rays and talk to you about the choices involved with dentures.  You need to be happy with the results, and for a long time to come!

Dentures are either upper, or lower or both.  They are either full dentures or partial.  Some people come to Amazing Smiles after wearing dentures for years, and now they need new dentures.  People’s jaws change, and their dentures stain and become worn.  Other people have never had dentures, but they want to improve their comfort, their looks, their speech and the quality of their lives.

After we determine your needs and your choices, we begin by preparing your jaw ridges, making sure there is a strong stable platform for the dentures to rest on.  We take impressions of your gum areas and send them to a lab where molds are made to create the accurate size and shape of the dentures from acrylic plastic.  This is an extremely durable and comfortable material that with proper care will last for years.
Full dentures are a big decision.  Dentures do not have the full chewing power of regular teeth, although they look great and are easy to maintain.

Upper dentures are somewhat simpler.  If there are no teeth in the upper jaw, the denture will still seat well, and comfortably, because of suction against the jaw ridge.  Lower dentures are best supported by 2 – 4 implants. These are precision-made small metal posts that have been inserted into the bone below the gum, with bone growth anchoring them in place.  Without the implants supporting the lower dentures, there is often more slippage of the lower denture, since the tongue will interfere with the suction that keeps the dentures firm against the jaw.

If you think you have bad teeth, and should have them all removed in favor of dentures, talk to us before you do.  Overall, at Amazing Smiles we feel it is best to keep as many natural teeth as possible, to help preserve your best health and functionality.

The process can take three or four weeks, especially if there are teeth that need to be extracted.  Your comfort comes first.  We use all the best techniques and tools to make the process as nearly painless as possible.  When the dentures are done and inserted into your mouth, they are made to be comfortable.  After using the dentures for a period of time, you come back in and get some adjustments done to ensure your comfort throughout the year.  We continue with adjustments as needed, and you end up with a worry-free, bright smile !

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