Do you have a tooth ache or a cavity, or a chipped or cracked tooth?   At Amazing Smiles we are ready to restore your teeth to good health and give your smile a lasting beauty. When an individual tooth has a problem, there are several ways to add to the strength, shape and durability of a tooth.

For Bonding and Tooth-colored Fillings we use a resin, a special type of plastic that can be varied in color to get an exact match with the rest of the tooth and the adjoining teeth.  These compounds are applied to the surface of the tooth and a special light is used that causes the resin or plastic to harden and bond tightly to the enamel of your natural teeth. This is perfectly suited for repair or enlargement of your front teeth, and it’s also durable enough to repair back teeth, and keep the bright, shiny white enamel visible instead of metallic colors inside your mouth.

We will examine your problem teeth and help you understand your choices.  Most often, bonding can be done in one visit.  Crowns and veneers are different options, and they do take more than one visit.  Also crowns and veneers require us to remove more of your tooth’s enamel than bonding does.

The bonding process takes a little more in chair time to finish the process – a little longer than metal fillings, but it’s worth it.  It’s worth it because these compounds are now as effective as metallic fillings, but look so much better.  The science continues to improve.  You can’t see them!

Metal fillings have tin, mercury and/or silver in them, and lots of patients have growing concerns about having these metals in their mouth for years.  Silver fillings are slightly cheaper than bonding and tooth-colored fillings, so the insurance companies generally pay the price for silver fillings, and you need to pay the difference for the bonding, but it’s not much more.

We’ve found that every seven years you should change your fillings.  All fillings change shape slightly, they wear, shrink, and crack.  Despite what the insurance companies tend to say, every seven years it’s a good practice to have your fillings looked at and changed.

Let us improve your up-close appearance with this is effective process.  Our bonding and tooth-colored fillings will add to your looks and the way you feel about yourself for years to come.